When Mental Health Interferes With Work

March 11, 2021 | Job Falcon

More and more employers are taking steps to address the mental health of their employees. This is a wonderful development that did not exist when our grandparents or great-grandparents were part of the workforce. So, if mental health starts to interfere with your work, what are some steps you can take?

Understand Your Options

Many employers today have employee counseling services in place. These services should be outlined in your employment agreement or employee handbook. This is a good place to start in order to get free or low-cost counseling. If your place of employment offers other mental health services, check into those as well.

Take Time Off

If you need to take time off in order to deal with a mental health issue, do it. This could be the vital time you need to regroup and refresh. Sometimes exhaustion can also look like mental health issues. If you just need to rest, then this will provide this necessary rest.

Don't Be Ashamed

The only thing that can make mental health issues worse is if you dump a load of shame or embarrassment on top of an already sensitive problem. Mental health issues and problems are not something to be ashamed of. Millions of people experience mental health problems. Honestly, the truth is more likely that everyone on earth experiences mental health issues to some degree or another. Your mental health struggles are not something to be ashamed of. Seek out the help you need so that you can heal and learn to deal with your issues.

Dealing with your mental health and work can be challenging. Follow these simple steps to get you started in the right direction.

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