Is Seasonal Work Right for You?

October 24, 2018 | Job Falcon

During certain times of year, companies will offer seasonal work to compensate for a seasonal increase in sales and services. This is great for prospective employees who are looking for part time or side work to supplement their income. Here are a few ways to decide if seasonal work is right for you?

Are You Looking for Part Time Work?

Most seasonal positions offer part time employment. Seasonal work is especially plentiful in the retail industry. Stores will often need extra part time employees to help with increased traffic in stores. This is a great opportunity to pick up extra hours in addition to your regular job. These are also great positions for students who need extra cash but do not have the time to commit to a full time position.

Are You Looking for Work at Home Opportunities

With the popularity of online shopping, many retailers need extra telephone customer service employees. Even big time employers like Amazon will pick up extra customer service representatives in the form of home based telephone reps for this most busy time of year. In most cases these employers will provide at home training via telephone or internet video training.

You Are Okay With a Temporary Position

It is important to remember that seasonal work is temporary. In some cases a seasonal position can lead to permanent work, but you should not depend on this. If you are looking for a permanent position, you might want to consider continuing your regular job search even if you land a seasonal position. Be careful to avoid thinking a seasonal job isn't a real job. You should give your best effort to any position whether seasonal or not.

Searching for seasonal work is fairly easy. Most companies will begin posting seasonal opportunities around August and most positions begin active work in late October.

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