How Your Brain Can Sabotage Your Job Search

December 17, 2019 | Job Falcon

Do you feel like your job search is going in circles lately? Are you not making the progress you would like? The problem might not be your resume, job skills or the job market. The problem could be inside your own brain. Keep reading to find out how your brain can sabotage your best job search efforts.

Negative Thinking

The most powerful aspect of your brain is the thoughts that it generates. Your thoughts are powerful because ultimately they will affect your actions, and your actions will affect everything that happens to you. If you allow negative thinking to run wild in your mind, then it will eventually begin to affect your actions. These actions may be subtle things that you are barely even aware of, but it can affect the outcome of your job search efforts. Positive thinking will help you feel more resilient in the face of setbacks, and it will encourage healthy risk-taking to move you closer to your goals. 


Procrastination is the chief way our own brains can sabotage our goals. When we procrastinate we are literally throwing a roadblock in our own path toward success. Be tough on yourself when it comes to procrastination. As soon as you feel the tiniest bit of procrastination rising up, squash it with action. Taking immediate action on tasks that you would like to procrastinate on will literally reprogram your brain. Instead of being a procrastinator, you will transform yourself into a person of action. 

A job search is tough enough as it is. Don't allow your brain to further complicate things by sabotaging your efforts. Use these tips to help keep you moving in the right direction. 

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