How to Handle an Exit Interview

June 23, 2019 | Job Falcon

A large majority of corporations give leaving employees an exit interview. This may seem like a strange practice, but for companies with private operations or product secrets, exit interviews help to ensure that leaving employees are satisfied and will not divulge company secrets to competitors. Exit interviews are also used to make sure the employee has everything they need related to retirement plan information, health insurance information and more. If you’re undergoing an exit interview, here are some tips for handling it.

It’s Not The Time To Complain

An exit interview is not an excuse for you to suddenly let forth with all your pent up complaints about the company. Doing so will only add negative comments to your employee report. For whatever reason, you’re leaving and you don’t have to deal with the company issues anymore. Unless your complaint has something to do with legalities, keep petty complaints to yourself.

Put on Your Best Face

You want your exit interview to be a positive one if at all possible. Strive to be upbeat and professional. Try to cooperate with the interviewer as much as you can. The more straightforward you are and the more positive you are, the better the company will feel about the interview. In that case, they’ll be more likely to give you glowing reviews when you need them in the future.

Make Notes if You Need Them

You may have some questions to ask as well, during your exit interview. Now is the time to find out your options for transferring your retirement plan account, for instance, so you should find out how to do that. Make a list of questions you have and make sure you get answers you can understand. This will make your transition to a new job much easier.

Use these tips to ensure that your exit interview goes as well as your first interview did!

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