How To Get A Full Time Job From A Summer Internship

June 20, 2016 | Job Falcon

Companies are more likely to offer a full-time job to an intern than other job candidates; however, this does not mean that an internship will automatically lead to a job offer. Following are some things you will want to do to increase the odds of getting full-time work once your internship is over.

Dress Right

If you want a full-time job at the end of your internship, you need to dress the part. Casual business clothes are perfect in most cases but be prepared to invest in formal business attire if your work environment is formal in nature. Cover body piercings and tattoos, remove gaudy jewelry and iron your clothes the night before so they look good the next day.

Act like a Professional

The best way to stand out is to act like a professional. Take initiative and do more than what your job requires. Be friendly and courteous to those who work with you, even if they are not friendly and courteous to you. Never badmouth your colleagues or managers either in the office or on social media. Show an interest in the company’s history, achievements and goals.


Get to know those you are working with, be they, co-workers or managers. Make friends in the office and don’t be shy about mentioning that you are hoping for full-time work when your internship ends.

Following the above points will not guarantee that you get a job once your internship is over; however, they do increase the odds of getting a job offer from the company you work for. Nonetheless, even those who do not get a job offer are sure to benefit from developing good work habits that will make them attractive to future employers.

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