High Paying Food Service Positions

December 27, 2016 | Job Falcon

Food service is an area of employment that many people find appealing. Such people may find those jobs appealing because they like serving others or because they like the culinary arts. You can find a well-paying job in the field of food service if that area makes you happy. The following are some of the positions for which you may apply:


The chef is the main person in a restaurant who makes the food delicious and manages to create a well-garnished plate, as well. A chef usually has years of experience cooking food and has graduated from a culinary arts institute. You can earn a salary of about $20 to $25 an hour as a chef at a gourmet restaurant or casino hotel.


Expeditors are people who garnish the plates and help the chef get them ready for delivery. Such people may also serve the platters to the customers from time to time. Such people don’t even have to cook the food and they still make a healthy salary. Expeditors can make about $15 an hour.


Servers may have the highest potential for a big payout of them all. Servers give the customer what they want and provide friendly service in the process. Servers have a base rate, but then they get tips if they provide awesome service. You can make almost as much as a chef does if you provide superb service to your guests.

All of the above jobs would be good for you if you are a fanatic about food service. Many other positions are available, however. Feel free to explore several of them.

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