Answering "Why Should We Hire You?"

July 17, 2018 | Job Falcon

One of the most difficult questions to answer during an interview is the "Why should we hire you?" question. You want to make sure you answer it in a way that puts you in a good position to get up get hired. You may wonder what the employer really wants to know. Here are a few ideas:

What Are You Bringing to the Table?

The first thing that a prospective employer wants to know is what are you bringing to the table. They want to know what skills you have and how those skills are more refined or more useful than those of someone else who applied for the same job. You will have to be able to answer this question fantastically.

How Can You Earn Us Money?

This may sound like it's insensitive, but it's the truth. A prospective employer wants to know how you're going to make them money. Therefore, you can talk about awards that you won or percentages that you increased while you were on other jobs. You can talk about how you cut down the time necessary to perform a certain task, which ended up bringing the company profits.

How Long Are You Going to Stay?

Finally, the prospective employer wants to know if you plan to stay for the duration. They won't see a reason to hire you and invest in you if you're only going to make a fly-by-night appearance. Let them know that you intend to be an integral part of the company for many years. That way, they'll know where you stand.

You have to come up with an answer that addresses all three of those concerns and more. If you have an upcoming interview, just assume that they will ask you that question and develop a spellbinding answer that will land you a hire.

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