5 Ways to Make Your Next Job Your Dream Job

If you’re back in the job market, you should know that you don’t have to settle for the first job opportunity that comes your way. You can make your next job your dream job with just five simple steps.

1. Go back in time.

Remember what you wanted to be when you were all grown up? Try to recall those early dreams in order to get a sense of what profession would evoke your true passion. You might have to tweak them for reality. If you said, “dinosaur hunter,” you might find happiness working as an archeologist, a museum curator or a geologist. You can start your path toward the necessary degrees by working as an intern or being a museum guard.

2. Make it so.

Often, you can shape a job description as you go. If you want to be the marketing person but are hired to sit at the receptionist desk, offer to do some graphic design work or other marketing tasks in between phone calls. Your talent and initiative will be noticed. When a spot becomes available and you apply, you’ll have a good chance of moving into the marketing department.

3. Stay focused.

Your dream job might not be the first one that lands in your lap, and it may not be the one that pays the best. Don’t be lured by money or a short commute. Stay focused on your long-term goals. If you’re unhappy at your job, money won’t change that. Keep focused on what you want and you’ll get it.

4. Be humble.

The path to your dream job might start in the mailroom, the cafeteria or the secretary pool. Be prepared to take an entry-level position in a company with the job you really want. Getting your foot in the door is sometimes all you need to finally land that dream job.

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